Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Music: Hinds/The Parrots

So I missed Record Store Day as I was in an exam all day (which I only went and PASSED btw)

If I *had* been after getting my hands on anything though it would have been the Hinds *heart* Parrots double A side which I would have mostly got for the Hinds cover of Davey Crocket by Thee Headcoats; a song which makes me ridiculously happy. Maybe not quite as ridiculously happy as Fucking Bitches in the Hood by Death Team (who have a new song coming out on 8th May) makes me but it comes fairly close.

Having said that The Parrots cover of All My Loving is pretty joyful too. Check it out:

Enjoy and happy Monday!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Monday Music: Get Better

So a few weeks ago I should have been checking my email to see this being sent to me as a mailing list member but I didn't. Thankfully I did check twitter and see this tweet:

Basically I hung off posting this as my reaction was something along the lines of "OhMyGodThisSongTOTALLYExplainsALLofMyFEELINGS" and I thought I'd give it a week or two to see if I still feel that way.

So yeah. I pretty much still love it and think it is my favourite Frank Turner song in a while. I think Frank mixed with wonderful Butch Walker. I love the way the song builds, the piano details and the real anthemic drive of it. Without all the production it is still pretty good, as I can confidently state having seen Frank perform it solo and acoustic as part of his book tour.

"I'm trying to get better because I haven't been my best" is also a pretty good description of my "journey" so far this year.

The album comes out later this year and you can buy his book, The Road Beneath my Feet now.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Word for the Year Update

I was beating myself up for not doing well enough on my word for the year or new year intentions and then I sat down and thought about it and realised I was actually doing pretty well.

Here is a breakdown:

My current fave work outfit - entirely charity shopped!

Buy less stuff
I have bought a lot less stuff this year than I would have, because of the buying with intention rule. No I feel down nail varnishes, or pick me up eyeliner from the Rimmel counter. No "but it is so cheap" impulse buys from H&M or Primark or Asos. It has been just as well really as I have had a lot less money after a week and a half without a job earlier this year!

What a day on convenience foods now looks like
When I do buy, buy with intention
I'm doing this most of the time. I got some stuff for my birthday from Amazon, but as a rule they have seen no custom from me. I'm trying to find holiday clothes that fit this too and struggling a bit but am sure I'll get there. Foodwise I'm doing better but not there yet.
Eat more seasonally and locally
Better but not there yet. I have been eating more seasonally and locally, and eating a more plant based diet but I could do better. I do now have oatcakes for my morning snack and an apple in the afternoon - this one is going to be baby steps I think!

Move more
I've done a LOT of walking and massaging people, I started strength training, but I really need to get back into climbing and get outside more too.

Remember to meditate/breathe/relax
I have done this more intentionally this year and have been journalling too. It has been helpful to make time to just be and not be so worried.

That is me for now - what were your goals for the year - how are you getting on?
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